We're Michael and Alexa Z

The biggest couple of unconventionally conventional people you'll ever meet. A millennial-generation husband and wife team with two kids, healthcare day jobs, a real estate investment business, and a huge drive to live outside the box.

We've had a grand 10 year plan in mind for the last nine years but never have fully elucidated it until now. We want to buy a catamaran sailboat, and start leading dual land and sea lives: traveling the world by boat six months out of the year, and enjoying our home and land pursuits for the other six months.

Come with us as we track our journey from land to sea, shoring up our finances, preparing our kids, transitioning our jobs and business, and learning to sail.

The Beginning is Now

Watch as we set the stage for our dream life.

The Search

We went to both the 2022 Newport and Annapolis Boat Shows in search for a dream catamaran.

George Washington's Mount Vernon

A must see and visit historical site if anyone is around the Washington DC area. This is an amazing piece of US history preserved from the 1700s.

Fishing Time!

Come with us as we head out into and outside Boston Harbor on 11/5/2022!

Mexico - Playa del Carmen and Cenote Azul

An amazing destination Thanksgiving in Mexico with the extended family! Come see as we explore the beach and visit one of Quintana Roo's quintessential wonders - the cenotes.

Catamaran Tours from the 2022 Annapolis Boat Show

We are in a search for our very 1st sailing catamaran and hope you join us in our quest!

Hopefully these videos help others looking to get a better idea of the layout, look, and feel of the myriad of different catamarans.

Send us any comments if you have questions, we would love to to spark up a conversation, and get to know more people in the sailing global community.

Lagoon 42

Full inside and outside tour.

Leopard 50

Full inside and outside tour.

Lagoon 40

Full inside and outside tour. Improved background music!

Lagoon 46

Full inside and outside tour.

Bali Catspace (4.0)

Full inside and outside tour.

HH 50

Full inside and outside tour.

All Kinds of Fishing

Starting a collection of my fishing adventures across all kinds of waters!

Double Fish Hook-Up in Boston Harbor

Watch as we struggle to bring in a large Striper and a Blue Fish at the same time!

Landlording and Property Management

Learn as we answer all the questions imaginable surrounding being a landlord and owning a property management business.

My Tenant Stopped Paying Rent

What to do in when a situation like this happens.

Simple Guaranteed Crystal Clear Spa

Never worry about your spa again with this simple chemical maintenance technique.

Navien CH 240 Combi Circulation Pump Replacement

See how to help diagnose and replace the circulation pump on a Navien CH 240 Combination tankless hot water heater.

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico - Boats and Beach

Lake Lotawana, MO - Swimming and fishing

Boston Harbor - Mackerel in live well

Boston - Backyard fun

Quintana Roo, Mexico - Fishing for mahi-mahi and tuna

Washington, DC - At a restaurant garden

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston